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Oil filter is necessary for internal combustion engine to guarantee quality of oil. The engine needs oil for oiling, but sometimes oil becomes dirty when it is used. Because of soot or wear of metal, foreign particles get into the oil. In addition, oil may become dirty directly before using. As any dirtying damages the engine, an oil filter is installed to remove all foreign substances from the oil. Due to this service life is prolonged.

Usually it is used one oil filter but in some cars there is also lubricating oil fine filter. In this case you may evade necessary changing of oil. Still many car owners must regularly change the oil filter and oil. And you must pay attention to the manufacturer's instruction. You must change it after 20.000-30.000 km haul. Oil filter must be changed together with oil. If there remained oil, you can change the filter without any problems. Old filter must be removed by means of a special spanner.

We recommend you to pay attention to the manufacturer's instruction. If oil filter is used for a long period of time, its effect reduces. Moreover, if you repair it by yourself, there may appear problems with car insurance. In isolated cases this may lead to big expenses. You can easily avoid this if you follow the terms of check up. If you need conditioner pipe, receiver-dryer, lamps’ selector relay, air filter, window raiser, flange, fuel tank or another spare part for your car, then our online shop is the very thing you need. In our Internet store you will find all spare parts for the car.


  • the part is soiled;
  • bypass valve is jammed or the part is damaged;
  • the part was damaged as a result of mechanical impact.


  • grease under the engine is dribbling when the vehicle is parked;
  • oil pressure indicator lights on the dashboard;
  • swollen body of the component;
  • engine is overheated;
  • oil consumption increased.


  • grease of poor quality is used;
  • consumables are changed irregularly;
  • the part of poor quality is installed;
  • the part is operated  incorrectly and longer than it is permitted;
  • the component is installed incorrectly;
  • non-conforming oil or filter are used;
  • gaskets are damaged or worn out;
  • the car accelerates up to high speed when the engine is cold;
  • component spring is too tight.


The maximal period of the component usage is 10000 – 15000 operational kilometers. The engine oil serves approximately the same time.

In most cases diagnostics of the correctness of the filter operations is limited to inspection. However if visual check revealed that the component is damaged, it is necessary to diagnose all the lubrication system of the vehicle and to check whether the engine functions  properly.


The part is not repaired so it should be replaced if damaged. In most cases a new filter is installed along with change of the engine oil which service life is expired. For this purpose drain lubricant from the crankcase, then remove the protection of the engine and disconnect a filter cover.

To replace the component, the significant efforts are required, and therefore it is recommended to address to service station specialists. It is significant that a new filter must correspond to the previous one completely or be analogous to it. Even slight non-conformity can have an adverse effect on the oil flow in the system. If the filter is replaced out of time, the engine can break down.